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Site Guide

Do not delete this page.

This is your Site Guide. This is where you will find helpful tips to editing your site content, best practices, and links to Sport Ngin resources. This is your Cheat Sheet.

Site Images

Recommended sizing, aspect ratio, and best practices. 

Sponsor Graphics / Ad Spots

These should match traditional Advertising sizes.

Leaderboard Ads: 728px x 90px 
Box Ads: 350px x 500px

Team Logos

Aspect ratio of 1:1
Recommended sizing at 200px x 200px
Transparent PNG format required

Single Photo Element: general images used on site

Aspect ratio will flux. Adjust as you see fit.

Recommended sizing no less than 400px wide for most layout containers. 
Recommended sizing no less than 1000px for any photo in a full width container.