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Registration FAQs

Who can register for Super Y League?

  • The Super Y League  club administrators will handle all club registrations. 

If I'm a Club Admin, do I need any player waivers before I register?

  • Yes, I need a copy of the COPPA and Super Y Waiver signed by each player. You can find these waivers on the welcome page of the registration. (COPPA form is only needed for players U14 and below)

Who should I contact for Support?

  • A player or parent should direct any questions to a Club Admin. A Club admin should direct any questions to the Super Y admin;

How many players can I register at a time as a club admin?

  • If you're registering more than 10 players at a time, please register 10, then checkout. You can then come back in to the system and register another batch of 10 players.

Which Credit Cards are accepted?

  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or checking account information available.American Express is not available as a payment option.

Where do I Print my Player Cards?

  • Club admins will print player card. Player cards won't be available until club admins are given permissions and players have been placed on a team roster. Click Here to learn how to print cards.