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Julie Test

Homophobic, transphobic or sexist language is damaging. Don't use it.
Using discriminatory language against LGBTQ+ people, their family and friends is unacceptable. It's offensive, puts people down and can affect their self confidence.
Always challenge homophobic, transphobic or sexist language where you can
If you feel safe, always challenge language or behavior that puts LGBTQ+ people down. IF you don't feel safe to challenge, tell a coach or other staff member. Remember saying nothing only allows prejudice and discrimination to get worse.
Be aware that not all LGBTQ+ people are visible.
Just because you can't always tell if someone is LGBTQ+, it doesn't mean that LGBTQ+ people don't exist in soccer.

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SYL Finals Fan's Choice Best Kit

February 1 - February 22

Welcome to the SYL Finals Best Kit!
Kicking off on February 1, 2022, this three week tournament spotlights some of the best kits from the 2021 Super Y League Finals selected by the USL SYL Staff.
Fans will have the chance to vote for their favorite kit through a knockout-style bracket, and eight lucky fans will be randomly selected to win a SYL Finals merchandise bundle including a 2021 SYL Finals Hoodie, Scarf, Magnet, and Decal.

Place your votes below!


Side One

Side Two


Poll Opens
Poll Closes
February 1
February 8
February 8
February 15
February 15
February 22
Click Each Crest to View Kit


Fan Winners

Eight lucky fans will win a SYL Finals merchandise bundle including: SYL Finals hoodie, scarf, magnet, and decal. Winners will be contacted via the email they have provided.

Winners to be announced after Final Poll Closes

By submitting this poll you are adhering to the USL Privacy Policy.

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