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    • USLX Recap: Day Three

    • 04/08/2018, 10:30am EDT , By COLTON CORESCHI - colton.coreschi
    • Players took part in matches, received a chalk talk and watched the Rising FC USL match
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    • USLX Recap: Day Two

    • 04/07/2018, 6:30am EDT , By COLTON CORESCHI -
    • Players took to the field, watched Phoenix Rising FC training and met Didier Drogba
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    • USLX Recap: Day One

    • 04/06/2018, 10:00am EDT , By COLTON CORESCHI -
    • Players took part in photoshoots, interviews, stadium tours and more
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    Early Bird $25 Ends March 31, 2017
    Team Discount $25 Ends June 16, 2017

    $325 - Payment Plans Available

    How Do I Enroll in a Payment Plan?

    - Complete the Automatic Withdrawal Authorization Form

    - Upload the authorization form to the 2017 RSS Registration Deposit Form* and complete registration

    - Await confirmation information from the Super Y League

    *Please note: Discounts do not apply to payment plans