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Five Conditioning Exercises for Soccer Players

07/24/2019, 5:30pm EDT
By Staff

Check out some drills to keep you in shape

This week on the Legacy Series we will look into how you can keep in the best shape while working out on your own time. 

1) Alternating Box Sprints

You can set this drill up using the lines on a soccer field or setting up cones to simulate the size of a full field, 70-80 yards wide to 110-120 yards including one set up at the halfway line. The basis of the drill is a series of laps around the field dividing it into six sections as shown: 

It is split up to be a progression drill starting with one sprint and adding additional sprints each time with the other sections being taken at a jog or later in the drill as a walk. This drill will help build-up an endurance to longer sprints as well as acceleration. 

2. Speed Dribbling

Doing shorter sprints with the ball at your feet will help you not only help with conditioning but force you to focus on your dribbling as well. You can set up three cones ten yards apart from each other as shown below:

Sprinting in the middle while keeping the ball under control through the turns. Similarly to the previous drill, this will work on acceleration and deceleration while under control and with a focus on dribbling.

3. Four Corners 

This drill is set up in a 15x15 yard area using four cones as the corners to turn at, it should be set up as shown:

Each color will represent the different methods of this drill with white being a spring, yellow being a shuffle, and black being backward. The drill goes as follows:

1. Sprint one to two

2. Shuffle two to three

3. Backward three to four

4. Shuffle back to one

5. Shuffle across to three

6. Backward to four

7. Sprint towards two and through to the finish

4. Figure-eight dribbling

This drill does a lot more to help you focus than most of the other drills as it is a strictly dribbling drill. You can decide how many cones work for you and how to space them out to have tighter turns or to have them be wider and be done faster. The drill can be set up like this:

5. Combination drills

Doing any sort of combination drill can prove to be beneficial in training. Doing short shuttle run sprints with squat jumps in the middle not only build up endurance but also work strength. You can do these combinations with the other drills sent by adding in things like jump squats, jumping jacks and pushups between the rounds of each set.

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