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Five Takeaways from the USWNT World Cup Title

07/17/2019, 1:00pm EDT
By Mickey Kennedy

The USWNT were an inspiration for many in their fourth World Cup title win

1) Play Your Game

The USWNT, with massive expectations for success as well as negative commentary from around the world, went out there and simply play their game. They knew what they wanted to achieve and what it would take to get there. They kept their heads in the game to handle any pressure and had to do so against some of the very best teams in the world. Although they played with a sense of togetherness, every single player was able to show off what it meant to “play your game.” From Megan Rapinoe with her bright pink hair, scoring goals for fun and leading the charge to victory, Tobin Heath creating countless dangerous attacks out of thin air & every other player in between, the USWNT showcased their individuality and helped bring home their fourth World Cup.

2) Play as a Unit

Despite showing off their own personalities, it didn't detract from playing with a total sense of togetherness. It was pretty much the theme of the tournament for the USWNT: players repeatedly referred to each other as ‘best friends’ rather than teammates throughout the tournament. Playing with that sense of unity is vital to success in the long term and helps to build relationships that will make playing the sport more fun.

3) Play Without Fear

The USWNT showed the world what it meant to go into every game without fear, regardless of the opponent. To head onto the pitch and to play their heart out every single minute of the game never letting up and rarely slipping up on their path to glory. When you play your own game you will know before the game exactly what to do and can go in with a clear head, without fear. When you can trust those around you and truly play as a unit you can go into any match without fear and have faith in your training and those around you to get the right result. 

4) Anyone Can Play

The game has truly become global with fans and players of all types adopting the sport and playing it every day, the USWNT is absolutely no different. Players like Crystal Dunn who is just over five feet tall and Sam Mewis just north of six feet, and with many equally important players all the way in between. Alongside that, they all took different routes to get to the biggest stage in the sport. Whether they played collegiately or went pro from high school, they’ve all come together from teams in the NWSL and across Europe to play together for the most dominant team the sport has ever seen. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter where you come from or if your young or a veteran, but that you can play the beautiful game.

5) Never Be Afraid To Celebrate 

Some criticism came early for the USWNT and their celebrations, but it didn’t stop them, not even a little bit. They went on throughout the tournament to score plenty more goals and had plenty of celebrations to go with them. Scoring a goal in a soccer game is the ultimate accomplishment. You and your teammates work tirelessly throughout a match, and when a goal is scored, there aren’t many better feelings in the world! Whether it’s a game-winning goal in the World Cup Final or a goal in your first Super Y League game of the season, a goal should always be celebrated. Celebrate every single goal, because you never know when it will be your last.

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