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For Katie Scott, The Distance Isn’t An Issue

03/08/2019, 1:24pm EST
By Matt Reed -

The Internationals SC forward travels nearly 250 miles round trip to train with her club

Sports often involves sacrifices. It takes a significant amount of time, effort, dedication and in some cases money to support an athlete pursuing their dreams of becoming a professional.

For Internationals SC forward Katie Scott, she and her family have made great sacrifices for her to become the player that she is evolving into. However, it’s been a trend that has paid off for not only Katie, but her older brother, Nick, as well.

Katie, who will represent the U13/14 Girls team at the 2019 USL Experience, travels nearly 120 miles in each direction to train with her Internationals SC teammates, but for her it’s an experience that is well worth the long car rides.

She does this sometimes as many as four days a week… all for the love of the game.

“The coaching is some of the best in the country, and I get to play for a club that is nationally recognized,” Scott told “My coaches push us to be the best, and I like being challenged and not settling for average.

“My brother Nick is an inspiration to me. At 15 years old he left home and moved to Columbus, Ohio to play for the Columbus Crew SC Academy team. I miss him every day, but I see how much he has sacrificed and it has inspired me.”

Scott is among a host of Internationals players selected to the 2019 USLX roster, joining her teammates Lauren Mahoney, Victoria Safradin, Josie Owen-Kren and Grace Jackson at the event – which will take place in Tampa, Florida from April 11-14.

The 11-year-old Scott says she enjoys being around her teammates, and that being able to share an experience like USLX with them is another milestone that they can share together.

“I really enjoy my teammates because we always have a blast competing together and spending time off the field,” Scott said. “The ISC coaches are the best. They are great teachers of the game and they expect us to give 110% every time we step on the field.

“I’m so glad I can share this USLX moment with some of my ISC teammates because we really have a great relationship.”

Scott and Internationals are coming off of a National Championship victory at the 2018 Super Y League Finals, so the young striker’s budding career continues to hit major high points through experiences in Super Y League.

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