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National Player Pool

The Super Y League National Player Pool is comprised of the most elite players participating in the Super Y League. The path to be recognized and invited into the National Pool begins with identification during matches in the Super Y League season, through the ID Player Tracking Program. Once identified as a top performer for their Super Y League team, the top 10 percent of Super Y League players are invited to attend the Regional Scouting Series event in their region.  

Throughout the three-day Regional Scouting Series event, players are evaluated by the Super Y League Regional Scouting Staff and college coaches from the area. The players who excel at these events are selected to participate in an All-Star game or placed directly into the Super Y League National Pool. 80 percent of players in the National Pool are identified at the Regional Scouting Series, while the remaining 20 percent of National Pool players are identified during the Super Y League North American Finals.

Players in the Super Y League National Pool continue to be monitored throughout their club seasons for the opportunity to be chosen for the USL Experience, which recognizes those individuals as being in the top one percent of Super Y League players.

The US Technical Championship (USTC) serves as the National Platform for Super Y League Players ages under-10 through under-12. These players travel through the same Elite Player Pathway(seen above), where they compete in the Rene Meulensteen Technical Testing at the Regional Scouting Series. They are selected into the USTC National Player Pool, making them eligable to be invited to compete at the USTC. 

The US Technical Championship is a unique opportunity to further develop and motivate young aspiring players to focus on the importance and power of skill and how it combines with confidence and creativity. Players are encouraged to apply confidence and creativity when using skills in one-v-one situations. Through activities and small-sided games, players are identified as being elite among their peers and are invited to the National Championship Event. Technical Championship competitions have been held in Belgium, the Netherlands, South Africa, and now for the second year in the USA and Canada.

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