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2016 Finals - Hotel Info

Stay to Play

The North American Finals is a "Stay to Play" event.  All housing must be booked through the USL designated housing department (Nick Papadakis).  

Hotels Open - Sept. 20, 7 p.m. ET

  1. Our "STAY TO PLAY" policy applies to all teams that participate in the SYL finals. It requires hotel reservations to be booked through USL with NO EXCEPTIONS.  For teams commuting to the event see below. 

  2. Each TEAM is REQUIRED to reserve a MINIMUM of 36 nights (12 rooms x 3 nights) at the same hotel. If at the end of the finals the number of nights falls below the required minimum, the contact’s credit card will be billed for the difference.  If the credit card is not valid at that time the charges will be billed to the team. 

  3.  Teams with fewer than 36 Total nights (between all days) must call Nick Papadakis immediately after submitting the reservation form. 

  4. All room reservations will be honored on a “FIRST COME-FIRST SERVED BASIS” and a ROOMING LIST with the name of each parent responsible for the room, arrival date and departure date, must be submitted via email to Nick Papadakis within 7 days (5pm) from date the hotel reservation form was submitted. 

  5. If we haven’t received your Rooming List within 7 days your allocated rooms will be placed back in the room pool for re-assignment.

  6. All rooms must be guaranteed by individual credit card by Monday October 31. Any unpaid rooms will be cancelled on Tuesday, November 1.  

Reservation Policy

  1. The hotel block CANNOT BE CANCELLED after 10 days of the date the hotel reservation form was submitted to USL.  The block can be cancelled ONLY under extenuating circumstances at which point the coach or team representative must contact USL. 

  2. The "STAY TO PLAY" rule does not apply to teams commuting to the finals within a 70 mile radius of IMG Academy fields. If a commuting team wishes to stay in a hotel it must abide by the "STAY TO PLAY" rule and stay at one of our partner hotels.

  3. Players staying with friends and family must submit the following: Name of player, and name and address of friend or family. Maximum of 2 players per team. 

  4. Individual players can cancel their rooms without penalty up to 72 hours prior to scheduled check in. However, the total number of MINIMUM nights (Item 2 above) cannot drop below 36 nights without the contact’s credit card incurring a penalty. 

  5. Teams must provide a copy of the hotel confirmation at registration on Thursday, December 8th.

  6. Hotel Team Block Reservations will close on Tuesday, November 1st at 7pm.


For more information and questions, teams may contact Nick Papadakis at 813-849-0583 or email:

Nick Papadakis

Nick Papadakis

Finals Housing Director

Phone: (813) 849-0583

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