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2018 SYL Finals: Competition Format & Tiebreakers

12/09/2018, 9:41am EST
By SYL Staff

All you need to know heading into the semifinals

Bradenton, Fla. - With the group stage of the 2018 Super Y League North American Finals nearing an end, the competition will dwindle down to four teams per age group heading into the semifinals.

With age groups U13 through U18/19 on both the Boys and Girls sides of the bracket, 40 teams will reach the semifinal phase.

Below, we take a look at how those teams are determined, as well as any tiebreaker procedures.

Competition Format

Two-Group Division (U19 Boys and Girls)

The top teams from each group will reach the semifinals. From there, each team will be seeded #1 through #4 based on points obtained during group play. Any additional tiebreakers will be applied, if necessary.

Three-Group Division (U13 B & G, U14 B & G, U15 G, U17 G)

The top teams from all three groups advance to the semifinals. The fourth team will be decided based on the next highest points per game total. Teams #1 through #4 are seeded based on points obtained in group play. Additional tiebreakers will be applied, as necessary.

Four-Group Division (U13, U14, U15 B, U17 B)

The top teams in each group will reach the semifinals. Teams will be seeded #1 through #4 based on points obtained in group play. Tiebreakers will be applied, as necessary. 


If two or more teams tie with the same amount of points, the following tiebreakers will be used:

1. Head-to-Head
2. Total Wins
3. Goal Differential
4. Goals Scored
5. FIFA Fair Play 
6. FIFA Kicks from the Mark

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