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2018 SYL Standards Annnounced

11/06/2017, 12:00pm EST
By Staff

The Super Y League has announced the 2018 League Standards

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TAMPA, Fla - In anticipation of the 2018 Super Y League campaign, the league has released the 2018 Standards Chart for all competing age groups.

Several changes for the 2018 season come in the form of alignment with current United States Soccer Federation policies. Previously, several standards were used in the SYL season that correlated to the previous year’s USSF standards, causing various age groups to shift the number of players on the field, field size, and other requirements from the spring season to the fall season.

Starting in 2018, this will no longer be the case as the two have been unified to provide consistency throughout the calendar year, making it easier for teams to manage their rosters in accordance with a single set of standards in the spring and fall. These standards are aligned with those set by the USSF and puts the SYL in line with national player development schedules.

The included graphic details these standards for each competing SYL age group. Players will compete in 9v9 environments through U12 before transitioning to 11v11 at U13 and above. The same age transition occurs for field size, growing from 75x45 to 112x75, and goal size, increasing from 6.5x18.5 to 8x24, after the U12 age group. Half-time length, ball size, and maximum game-day roster size also increase correspondingly.

Age requirements will follow birth year format, e.g. 2008 for U11, 2007 for U12, etc., with an additional caveat for U18/U19 where in addition to 2001/2000 players, six roster spots will be available for players born in 1999.

A part of United Soccer Leagues, LLC, which also operates the Division II USL, the new third-division league and Premier Development League, the Super Y League features a summer platform with an annual North American Championship in December.

Super Y League
The Super Y League, the country's longest-running national youth league, provides approximately 600 teams and 10,500 players an unparalleled experience through its advanced player tracking, strong development resources and college soccer connections. Focusing on the important development ages of 10-18 for both boys and girls, the Super Y League features a summer platform, followed by an annual North American Championship in December. Founded in 1999, the Super Y League has served as an established pathway to college and professional soccer as players are evaluated during the league's Regional Scouting Series. A select group is also chosen for the highly-touted annual USL Experience, a multi-day residential event that follows a professional training format and an environment exclusively alongside one of the USL's established organizations. Follow the Super Y League and on social media through FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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