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What They're Saying from 2017 USL Experience

04/18/2017, 4:30pm EDT

See what players, parents had to say about the 2017 elite player program, hosted by San Antonio FC

The Super Y League's USL Experience in San Antonio, Texas, was one to remember, as participants, parents and coaches have shared to the league in recent weeks.

The USL Experience was created to provide the league's top players with a comprehensive look into the North American professional landscape, where they can experience life as a pro. A total of 72 players were invited to take part in this year's elite player program, hosted by San Antonio FC, and the event proved to be a resounding success. See what players and parents had to say about the 2017 USL Experience below.


  • "The interaction with the professional players and the game experience was a time to always remember – also never forget."
  • "We were able to have the photoshoot and the interview which made me feel quite like a pro because they have this all the time. Also, the coaches treated us like we were pros as well and not as kids. We were treated with respect as long as we were respectful."
  • "The event was extremely well-organized. Communication was excellent, and when I had questions they were answered quickly. The organization for travel was excellent, and I was very comfortable leaving my son in your hands. My son was extremely happy to be a part of the USLX. He gained so much from learning new strategies for goalkeeping to meeting new soccer friends."
  • "This is my second time and last time being invited to the USL Experience, and both times have been the time of my life. Unfortunately, I will be too old to participate next year, but I would like to say thank you for everyone who made this experience possible for me."
  • "I am going to tell my friends that this was an experience unlike no other, and it really showed me what life is like at the pro level."
  • "The photo shoot and the interview was done as like we were the real deal and made me feel as if I truly was a pro."
  • "I selected yes because, as a whole, this experience has provided me with the knowledge of what it takes to get to the pro level. Also, I have made so many more new friends from around the country."
  • "This kind of experience you won't forget and prepare you when you go to college."
  • "My daughter enjoyed every minute of USLX. She made new friends from other clubs, enjoyed the professional training and the competitive matches. She is really confident and ready to get back into the season with enthusiasm and intensity."
  • "I felt like we were catered to from the beginning to the end. Being greeted by the SYL staff at the airport was really neat. The Media Day and the behind-the-scenes access to SAFC and players, coaches was unlike any other experience I have had as a player. All the USL gear was just awesome and added to this unique experience. It's pretty cool to be back home and have gear that no one else does."
  • "During the photo shoot and interviews, the questions asked and photos taken were very professional. Being recognized at halftime during the San Antonio home opener was also great. It was a true honor to be recognized as part of the group of talented players I was among throughout the whole experience."
  • "We thought that the whole experience was over-the-top and exceeded our expectations. Their matches and the USL San Antonio home opener were very entertaining and very competitive. She is so proud of having been selected, and it has already made her re-evaluate the next steps she is taking to improve her skills and her game on and off the field. She walked happy and as proud as can be."

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