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Q&A With SYL Finals Three-peat Champion Danny Price

03/04/2022, 10:59am EST
By Staff

The Liverpool FC Michigan Central Academy has been a dominant force in Super Y League events the last several years, hoisting a League championship trophy the last three consecutive years. The girls' squads are preparing to return to Super Y to chase a fourth straight title, but before they do, hear from head coach Danny Price about what goes into building a Super Y League juggernaut. Price is currently the Liverpool FC Michigan Director of Operations and also Super Y League Director of Coaching and Player Development for all sites.

1. Most can say that it’s hard to win a championship title, but to do it consistently year after year is special. In your experience, what makes a successful team?

  The consistency comes from buying into the culture within your team/club. This group of players have grown up together and they have bought into that culture from a very early stage in their development. Their drive and desire to be the very best they can be individually to help their team collectively achieve its goals is a quality this team has in abundance.  

2. Can you talk about the clear winning mentality that this girls' team has and their ability to perform every time they step on the pitch?

We decided very early on that the culture was the most important thing to our winning mentality. We wouldn’t be outworked by anyone, would always give 100% effort, and mistakes made were a team accountability and not an individual one. They all bought into that mentality and any player that came into that environment had to adopt it.  Fortunately I have been very blessed with a like minded group of players that have always put each other and the team first.     

3. In 2019, your team was arguably the most dominant team in any age group, not allowing any of your opponents to score throughout the tournament and then in 2021 the final score of the championship game was 7-0. What goes into creating a defense that imposing?

In 2019 we came through the group stages quite easily and we defended so well as a unit from the front that we had a meeting at the hotel and made a decision that we were going to work even hard to protect our goalkeeper Izzy and ensure clean sheets throughout the event.  This team thrives on ambition and achieving goals set for them so I wasn’t surprised they accomplished it.  We press very high up the pitch and almost force teams to turnover the ball to relieve that pressure on our backline.  The commitment to do that throughout each game is a testament to how much they believe in our culture. 

4. Talk about the great opportunities and the exposure that a player can get coming to a tournament like the Super Y League Finals?

Super Y has been great for our club and for our players.  Our teams have always returned to their league play in the Fall after a successful summer ready for the rigors of their respective leagues and state cup. So the opportunity for further development in the summer is such an appealing option for our players.  The league itself is well run by a great group of staff members in Tampa and they are always open to new ideas from coaches who believe in the league to further improve it. 


5. How are you preparing for the tournament this year?

As always one day at a time.  Our tryouts took place in January for this summers Super Y League and we will be entering 23 teams within the league once again. We will get through our club spring and state cup season including tryouts in June and take a week off to allow the players some recovery and we will begin training in preparation for league play at the end of June.

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