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Become A Better Leader

09/04/2019, 10:05am EDT
By Staff

Be an example for your teammates on and off the pitch

Most teams have only one captain, but that doesn’t mean other players on the team can’t be leaders. Being a good leader is as simple as setting the standard for your teammates, through your words but more importantly through your actions.

Build Up, Don’t Break Down

Everyone makes mistakes on the field. Good leaders are able to criticize errors in a way that helps their teammates become better, not in a way that insults them. Do so by framing your critiques in terms of how the player could do something different next time instead of making assumptions about them as a person or player based on their performance.


The best leaders listen to criticism about themselves and strive to improve. They serve as someone their teammates can talk to about issues with others. This doesn’t always mean providing your opinion on the matter - the main purpose is to make sure your teammates feel heard. Having a team that understands each other leads to better chemistry and better play on the field.

Lead by Example

You don’t have to be the best player on the field to lead by example. You only have to do the things you can control to the best of your ability. Be a positive presence in the locker room - no one likes the person who’s always negative. Play hard every time you’re on the pitch. Respect the coach and your fellow teammates. Players that do these small things are the kind that others want to play with and be around.

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