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Finding a Team to Support

08/28/2019, 10:00am EDT
By Staff

What to consider when deciding which professional club to root for

One of the things people love most about soccer is the sport’s ultra-passionate fans. If you’ve ever been to a professional soccer match with a great atmosphere, chances are you’ve been tempted to sing and chant along with the rest of the people in the stadium to support the team on the pitch. With soccer’s many teams and leagues in countries all over the world, having a favorite club that you support is a great way to engage yourself with soccer and learn more about the game. If you don’t already have a squad that you back to the hilt, here are a few tips for finding one.


Many fans support a club because they live close to where it plays, creating strong feelings of identity and connection between the team and its fanbase. It’s great to support local soccer no matter the level, so if there’s a team close by to you, go check it out. If not, or you want to follow a league in another part of the world, try a club that plays in a city where you love to vacation or would like to visit.


Some clubs have long histories of success, some recently became good, and others still have glorious pasts but a less illustrious present. It’s important to know the history of the club you support, but don’t pick a team solely based on its successes - you might get labeled a fair weather fan. Choose the team that feels right to you.

Famous Players

All-time great players can inspire people to follow a club just because they play for it. Fans of stars like Ronaldo and Messi will simply support whichever club their idol plays for. If you have one person in particular that you look up to in professional soccer, start supporting the rest of their team too.

Style of Play

Everyone has a type of soccer that they love to watch,  from free-flowing attacking approaches to pragmatic, organized teamwork. If you find yourself studying one team’s tactics or watching that team’s highlights on YouTube, check out a few of their games, especially if you can go in person.

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