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How To Juggle Like The Pros

08/07/2019, 10:00am EDT
By Staff

Learn the proper way to juggle a soccer ball

You’ll rarely do it during a game, but juggling a ball is an essential skill for any soccer player. Being able to juggle will increase your ball control, your touch and your coordination. It’s a good way to impress your friends too — how many times have you seen a video of a professional player doing juggling tricks? When first trying to juggle, it’s important to learn how to do it correctly. The right technique will help you master the skill more quickly and keep the ball off the ground for more time.

You may not want to start by trying to full-on juggle right away — instead, hold the ball with two hands and let it fall in front of you. Before it hits the ground, tap the ball with the laces of your boot while keeping your toes pointed up and your ankle locked, then catch the ball again. As you get better at doing one clean touch between catches with your dominant foot, increase the number of times you juggle the ball before catching it again. You can also start to incorporate your weaker foot, and as you progress further, your chest, your thighs and other parts of your body. 

It’s important not to get frustrated as you learn to juggle. When you’re just starting out, you’ll mess up a decent amount. Every great juggler and soccer player struggled when they first began trying a new skill, but if you push through each mistake and keep challenging yourself to get better, your juggling ability will improve quickly with practice.

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