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From Chicago to Lyon: Brooke Kala Selected for Olympique Lyonnais Camp

06/04/2019, 4:30pm EDT
By Staff

A once in a lifetime opportunity awaits Booke Kala in Lyon

Kala in action at 2018 SYL Finals

“I’m just a kid from the midwest, home of the cornfields,” says Brooke Kala from the Chicago Soccer Academy. After an impressive season last year with Chicago’s U17 girl's team, including a hat-trick in their last game at the Super Y League Finals, Kala now gets to showcase her skills with one of the most successful women’s clubs in the world, Olympique Lyonnais for a week.

Recently, Kala was selected for a program that will send her, along with other top female soccer players, to France for a camp with the French giants Lyon. The camp brings with it the opportunity to train with other top prospects and Lyon Academy coaches as well as play in competitive friendly matches.

Brooke believes it is truly a unique experience that she says is “a dream come true!” Kala has traveled with Super Y League to Finals and to USL Experience events in both Phoenix and Tampa Bay where she feels she has grown as a player, “ It has given me opportunities to improve, in addition to helping me compete stronger against elite competition....traveling through this league has given me the courage to go overseas to showcase my talents.”

“I've played for ODP, MRL, Super Y, and NISL. While all of those leagues involved some good games, Super Y league gave me the most exposure. Our team traveled to multiple states, playing competitive teams, and gave me some great team bonding moments!” Kala continued,  “Super Y, with the help of my coaches, developed a team that works together and didn't just focus on individuality.”

Brooke knows a special connection with her coaches have pushed her and fueled her passion for the game “My club coaches inspire me at every practice, because of them, I love the game! The same love I had for the game when I was 6 years old! My club coach, Coach Daniel, is an interactive coach, his enthusiasm is infectious.  During practices, he pushes me to work hard, his push is due to his passion. When I rise to the top and see him smile at my success, my passion grows, too!”

She has worked hard to get to this point and she knows the journey to this point will have all been worth it. “The hours of sweat, miles on our family vehicle, the gross smell of my shin guards, are all worth it! I'm going to reap the benefits of my training, I'm going to play with Olympique Lyonnais Academy in France! “

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