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Minimum Standards Compliance

The Minimum Standards for competition in the Super Y League  are applied to all Clubs. Minimum Standards define the “minimum” level which Clubs must attain in the various management aspects of running a Club. Clubs that do not meet the Minimum Standards requirements run the risk of jeopardizing their status as members.
Compliance with Minimum Standards
Clubs are required to comply with the defined Minimum Standards. The League Director shall have the power to penalize clubs, individual club members or officers for non-compliance with minimum standards, with penalties consisting of warnings, loss of points, fines or permanent suspension from soccer activities.
The league office regularly monitors compliance. In addition, Clubs are encouraged to report situations/Clubs which appear to be in non-compliance with Minimum Standards to the Youth Leagues Office. Reporting non-compliance on the part of other Clubs should not be viewed negatively, but rather as a positive attempt to maintain consistent league-wide standards that ensure professionalism and fairness, both on and off the field.

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