• Any player/coach that is sent off in a match is required to be escorted from the field. The Field Marshal will radio the Ops Tent, and a SYL Staff Member will escort the player from the sidelines to outside of the designated field area.

  • If a player/coach is to be suspended for a match, there will be a notation on the match folder indicating that the player/coach is to be suspended for that match. Please verify that this player/coach does not participate and that a suspended player is dressed in street clothes. Suspended players are permitted to be on the bench in street clothes, if they do not exceed the 18 player limit.  If a suspended player/coach participate in a match in which they are suspended, their team is to forfeit that match.

Cautions and Suspensions

  • Three (3) yellow cards to an individual player during group play will result in a one game suspension. 

  • Two cautions followed by a red will result in player suspension for the remainder of the match as well as for the following match.

  • The league staff will review straight send offs.  Pending the reason for the send-off, a player shall serve the minimum of a one-game suspension.  In the event of serious foul play, violent conduct, referee assault or referee abuse, a player/coach may be suspended for more than one match by the league.

  • Yellow cards are erased after group play and players start clean in the next round. Should a player receive his/her third yellow card on the last game of group play and advance to the next round, the player will have to serve the suspension on the next game.