Overtime/Penalty Kicks

  • Overtime will be used in the semi-final and final matches only

  • Overtime will consist of two (2), ten (10) minute overtime periods.  *No Golden goal or sudden death

  • Penalty kicks (best of 5) will determine the winner if the match remains tied at the completion of overtime.

  • Only the players who finished the overtime period can take a penalty kick.


  • Each team is to fill out their roster on the score sheet 30 minutes prior to the match.  The 4th Official/Field Marshall will be distributing the score sheet to each team before the match to fill out the roster. 

  • The 4th Official/Field Marshall will also be responsible for tracking all of the stats for the match.

  • At the conclusion of each match, each coach will select two players from the opposing team to be nominated for the All-Tournament Team.  The coach must also sign off on the score sheet before returning it to the 4th Official. 

  • Each referee should be sure to verify the discipline cards on the score sheet post-match.  In addition, they should verify the final score and sign off on the score sheet, making it official. -Not to be done prior to coaches signatures.

Game Length


Game Length

Half Time Length


2 x 30 Minutes

12 Minutes

U13 & U14

2 x 35 Minutes

12 Minutes


2 x 40 Minutes

12 Minutes


2 x 45 Minutes

12 Minutes



  • Substitutes shall report to the 4th official * when 4th official is present

  • He or she must state to the referee what number he or she is replacing.

  • The player may not enter the field without the permission of the referee.

  • A team may have no more than (18) players eligible for games off of the (26) player roster.

  • A player may be substituted once in the first half. Once the player has been substituted, the player may not re-enter the match until the second half.  Once a player is substituted in the second half, they may re-enter ONCE more. 

  • A total of seven (7) substitutions are permitted per half, provided the team has a full roster of 18 players. For example, if a team has only fourteen (14) eligible players for the game, then they are allotted three (3) substitutions per half, based on the number of eligible players available. 

  • If a match continues into overtime, the overtime period must start with the players that completed the second half of the match. Each team may have a maximum of three (3) substitutions over the duration of the 20 minute overtime period.  The three (3) substitutions may contain players that were substituted in the first or second half of the match. A player that is substituted during overtime may not re-enter the match.

  • For age groups U12 and U13, unlimited substitutions are permitted throughout regulation and overtime play.

Bench Area

  • Inside the designated bench area, only the (18) players participating in the game, along with three non-playing personnel are allowed.  The (3) non-playing personnel must have passes, otherwise they will be asked to leave.

  • Any other team personnel or players shall remain on the spectator sidelines