Player Eligibility

  • Players are NOT allowed to participate in more than one age group at the event.

  • Players are NOT allowed to play for a different SYL club at the event unless they go through the guest pool. (Even if its "Team 2" to "Team 1"

Coaching Conflicts

For Super Y League North American Finals, teams must have a minimum of two (2) registered coaches at the event to ensure coverage of teams in the event of a scheduling conflict. We will not be honoring coaching conflicts this year.


  • The designated home team shall wear light colored uniforms.  The designated visiting team shall wear dark colored uniforms. Teams should carry two sets of uniforms.

  • The home team is listed 2nd on the schedule, and the visiting team is listed 1st.

  • It will be at the referee’s discretion to determine the safety and suitability of player equipment including the wearing of a brace. Casts are allowed if a note is provided by the doctor clearing the player to play. Non-resilient foam should be wrapped around the cast, and then covered by an ace bandage.  Please check with the officials prior to a game!

Coach Attire

  • Coaches must be dressed appropriately. No Flip Flops or bare feet.


  • A warning siren will sound in the event of any inclement weather that could delay or postpone a game.

  • Immediately evacuate the field, and take shelter in an appropriate area.

Pre-Game Activities

  • Each team will be checked in by the referees with the roster before each game. Please note that SYL Staff has verified the player cards during check-in.

  • The captains will be called to the middle of the field by the referees for the coin toss.

  • Team will be allotted a minimum of 20 minutes to warm-up on the game fields, if available.

  • ALL matches must kick off no later than 5 minutes past their listed start times.


  • Win is 3 points, Tie is 1 point, Loss is 0 points


  • If two or more teams tie with the same amount of points, the following tiebreakers will be used:
    1. Head-to-Head 
    2. Total Wins 
    3. Goal Differential 
    4. Goals Scored 
    5. FIFA Fair Play 
    6. FIFA Kicks from the mark

Head Injury Protocol

  • Should any player be suspected of sustaining a head injury they must be immediately removed from the match and seen by appropriate medical staff on-site.

  • Only properly trained medical staff can clear a player to resume play.


  • Area for spectators will include the opposite sideline from the teams. 

  • No spectators will be allowed on the same side as the team benches, end lines or behind the goals