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Competition Structure

Division and Age Groups

U12 Boys and Girls
U13 Boys and Girls
U14 Boys and Girls
U15 Boys and Girls
U16/U17 Boys and Girls
U18/U19 Boys and Girls


The designated HOME team shall wear light colored uniforms. The designated AWAY team shall wear dark colored uniforms. Teams are required to bring both sets of uniforms to all games. 

Pre-Game Procedures

Each team will be checked in by the field marshal with the roster/match report before each game. Each team will be allotted a minimum of 20 minutes to warm-up on the game fields, if available. 

Post-Game Procedures

In order to properly social distance, there should be no handshakes or group celebrations once the game concludes.  


At the end of each game, a team representative must sign/initial the game report and ensure the score/statistics are correct. The ultimate responsibility of collecting the Game Day Rosters/substitution passes from the referee lie with the field marshal. 


A completed game report will be submitted to the tournament staff, complete with scores and a supplemental report for send offs, injuries or special circumstances that need explanation by the field marshal. 

Seeding and KO Info

U12 Girls, U14 Girls, U18/19 Girls

The first and second placed teams in each group will advance to the knockout stages. For each division, the winner of Group A will play the runner-up from Group B, and the winner of Group B will play the runner-up from Group A.

U12 Boys, U13 Boys, U13 Girls, U14 Boys, U15 Girls, U16/17 Girls, U18/19 Boys

The first placed team from each group will automatically advance to the knockout rounds. The runner-up with the most points from group play will also advance (see tiebreakers below if teams are tied on points). The three group winners will receive the top three seeds in knockout play, with the best runner-up automatically receiving the #4 seed (even if they finish with more points than one of the group winners). Additional tiebreakers will be applied as necessary in seeding.

U15 Boys, U16/17 Boys

The first placed team from each group will advance to the knockout rounds. Teams will be seeded #1 to #4 based on total points obtained in group play. Additional tiebreakers will be applied as necessary.

Game Length

Game Length
Half Time Length
2 x 30 Minutes 
10 Minutes 
2 x 35 Minutes 
12 Minutes 
2 x 35 Minutes 
12 Minutes
2 x 35 Minutes 
12 Minutes 
2 x 40 Minutes 
12 Minutes 
2 x 45 Minutes 
12 Minutes 


If two or more teams tie with the same number of points, the following tiebreakers will be used: 

     1. Head-to-Head

     2. Total Wins 

     3. Goal Differential

     4. Goals Scored 

     5. FIFA Fair Play 

     6. FIFA Kicks from the mark

The Goal Differential Rule shall be put into effect if the winning team has a score differential of seven or more goals.  The differential will be capped at seven goals.  In the final standings the goal differential will be capped at seven goals per game for all games.  

Example: a 10-0 win will result in a 7-0 win on the standings.   

Overtime/Penalty Kicks

Overtime will be used in the semi-final and final matches only. Overtime will consist of two (2), ten (10) minute overtime periods.  * No Golden goal or sudden death.


Penalty kicks (best of 5) will determine the winner if the match remains tied at the completion of overtime. If tied after the 5 penalties from each team, then there will be sudden death penalty kicks.  


Only the players who finished the overtime period can take a penalty kick. 


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