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2017 Guest Player Pool

The 2017 Super Y League guest player pool will be made available for Super Y League players whose teams did not qualify for the North American Finals.  This is an opportunity to be seen by college coaches attending the event and compete against the most competitive teams in the country. 

Please refer to the information below on how to register for the guest player pool and how to request players for coaches and managers.

Only players who participated in the Super Y League during the regular season are eligible to register for the guest player pool.

Players: Guest Player Pool

  • The guest player pool registration will open on September 11th
  • Once a player is requested by a team, the player will be put in contact with the team official by the League office
  • Once the player accepts the request, the player and team must inform the League office and the player will be added to the roster
  • All player movement will be handled by the League office
  • The League must be notified once a player accepts a request, otherwise the player will not be eligible to compete
  • Players may use the same player pass that was used with their original team during the regular season

Coaches & Managers

  • Coaches and managers may begin requesting guest players on September 25th
  • Once a player is requested, the League will put the player in contact with the requesting club
  • The player and coach will need to send confirmation to the League office once the request is accepted
  • The player must use the same player pass that was used with their original team during the regular season

Roster Freeze: November 3

All teams attending finals must submit their rosters for the tournament by November 3rd.  No players will be added after this date.  No exceptions!

If you have any questions please contact

Player Input Form

Team Request Form

Guest Player Pool

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