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SYL Regional Scouting Series

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The SYL Regional Scouting Series Philosophy

The Super Y League now offers additional programming to the league’s top performers closer to home. In conjunction with league partners, the SYL offers a unique and comprehensive soccer event series for the league’s top players: the SYL Regional Scouting Series.


The SYL Regional Scouting Series provides SYL players a platform to showcase their individual abilities for college coaches in their region or qualify for the U.S. Technical Championship. These events aim to enhance development off the field with unique and holistic programming exclusively for SYL players and parents through league partners. This professionalized scouting process will help promote and identify top SYL prospects for regional and national programs. 

By attending the SYL Regional Scouting Series events, each elite SYL player has the opportunity to be called into a national pool where, if selected, they will be given the chance to participate in the USL Experience. The USL Experience will provide an unprecedented look into professional American soccer designed for the nation’s elite players who dream of advancing through the professional player pathway. 

$325 - Payment Plans Available

Early Bird $25 Ends March 31, 2017
Team Discount $25 Ends June 16, 2017

How Do I Enroll in a Payment Plan?

- Complete the Automatic Withdrawal Authorization Form

- Upload the authorization form to the 2017 RSS Registration Deposit Form* and complete registration

- Await confirmation information from the Super Y League

*Please note: Discounts do not apply to payment plans

Contact Information

Matt Reda

Director, Business Development

Phone: 813-269-1358

Chris Madden

Coordinator, Youth League Operations

Phone: 813-514-1759

Dominic Colarusso

Associate, Business Development

Phone: 813-849-0587